Tyler’s Place

Tyler Fishlock Renovation

Tyler’s Place commenced with a Homesafe Designs site visit and survey. A design brief, concept plan and comprehensive report including estimates was prepared. Homesafe Designs can prepare a design concept on your home too. The cost is $1,800 for a single storey extension, $2,200 for a double storey extension (+GST).

Renovation Report (pdf 60Kb)

Renovation Sketch (pdf 1.3Mb)

Working drawings were then prepared. These consisted of a site survey, architectural working drawings, structural engineering and landscape plans. The construction system and materials were chosen to allow fast construction.

Architectural Working Drawings  (pdf 1.4Mb)

Structural Working Drawings (pdf 210Kb)

Landscape Drawings (pdf 573Kb)

Tyler Fishlock Sponsors (pdf 17Kb)

A builder was selected. Normally this would be done by competitive tenders or negotiation with a selected builder. For Tyler’s place we selected Metricon Homes because of their ability to build quickly and Brad Trethowan from “The Block” as site foreman. Homesafe designs Architects Robert Caulfield and Chris McSteen retained design control throughout the project. Miraculously this renovation was completed in only six days.